Open Hole Logging

Our Wireline Group focuses primarily on providing value added solutions for the various challenges our clients face in the development of their projects. Our teams of technical experts work collaboratively along with clients to thoroughly understand the needs and objectives, design effective logging programs and deliver holistic answers by using a fully integrated interpretation approach incorporating not only the data acquired by wireline logs but all the relevant information gathered during the drilling and production phases.

Our portfolio with state of the art formation evaluation wireline logging tools deliver accurate and reliable measurements that allow our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of their reservoirs with real time monitoring by domain experts and experienced field crews handling operations in the ground.

Reservoir Evaluation Portfolio:

  • Data Solutions Services
  • Quad Combo Logging
  • High Definition Borehole Imaging
  • Dipole Sonic
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Formation Testing and Sampling
  • Sidewall Coring
  • Drill Pipe and Tractor Conveyance

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