OILSERV provides Slickline services by utilizing large range of equipment suitable for all applications. OILSERV integrated SLS Trucks incorporating dedicated cranes, MAST trucks totally independent for rig less operations, offshore skid units. The services provided include:

Mechanical Services

  • Bottom Hole Pressure & Temperature Surveys
  • Electronic BHP/BHT Memory Gauge Services
  • Running & Pulling Downhole Plugs & Safety Valves
  • Shifting Sliding Sleeves
  • Completion Integrity
  • Locating Tubing Ends, Bottom of Hole & Obstructions
  • Paraffin and Scale Cutting
  • Fishing Operations
  • Gas Lift Operations
  • Large Bore

Memory Services

  • Production Logging
  • Memory PLT
  • High Pressure Expandable Gauge Hanger
  • Fluid Level Measurement (Echo meter)
  • Slickline-Conveyed Bridge Plugs
  • Bottom-Hole Sampling


Specialized Services

  • Tubing Caliper Surveys
  • Downhole Video Camera

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