Quality & Excellence

Our relentless focus on total quality ensures that we exceed clients’ expectations, getting the job done right and cost-effectively each and every time. Every OILSERV employee is committed to quality and on-time delivery, and instantly recognizes these as brand promises to our customers. Our quality processes rely on proven international oilfield services techniques that have been further refined for our home markets and our company culture.

Since first achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2013, the company has grown in size and complexity, and is seen as a leader in SQ & SSHE in our markets. In 2015 we were re-certified with the addition of ISO/TS 29001:2010 by Bureau Veritas (BV), a worldwide, internationally recognized certification and accreditation body headquartered in France. This is seen as a natural progression of our development into a premium oil services company in line with our company ethics, values and sustainable development strategies.

ISO certification, continuous training and effective management systems are complemented by a world-class Learning and Development system (OILSERV Learning Universe) to manage job competency and skill certification for our staff.