Managed Pressure Drilling

As part of our Drilling services, OILSERV further supports the well construction process through its Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) solutions team, who offer advanced capabilities and experience.  OILSERV’s MPD technical experts provide robust and cost effective solutions for continuous circulation, kick detection and management, as well as a variety of services including Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), well planning and simulations for all types of drilling projects.

Fully integrated within our Drilling solutions, we offer our Non-Stop Driller System which consists of a Ball Valve and a custom designed high-pressure side entry Connection Valve.  The solution provides unique benefits while maintaining constant Bottom Hole Pressure, Equivalent Circulating Density and optimizing drilling performance. Our Non-Stop Driller Sub is compatible with all drill pipe connection sizes, connection types and H2S rated Subs as used by our clients in their drill strings. Customers lower costs and improve efficiencies when utilizing this solution by reducing circulation time before and after connections, by reducing time while drilling and when encountering issues with hole cleaning, kick/loss, stuck pipe, and overall connection times.


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