All employees and business partners of OILSERV are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards while conducting any work for or on behalf of OILSERV. Each must comply with all applicable laws and accurately record and track all business transactions.

All employees receive training on our Ethics Manual when they join OILSERV and every year there are refreshment training done. Employees are subject to disciplinary action, including termination, for violations of our policies. This training and the annual recertification are a condition of employment at OILSERV.

All suppliers are required to go through due diligence and will have to sign adherence to the Ethics Manual before they can be engaged as suppliers or service providers of OILSERV.

“A world class, regionally founded oilfield services company built on uncompromising ethics.”

The OILSERV Ethics Manual defines the conduct of OILSERV and its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Internal audits

Regular internal audits ensures the adherence of all our employees, affiliates and subsidiaries to the Ethics Manual.

Reporting violations or concerns

We reinforce our commitment to ethics and high standards of business conduct with the expectation that all employees will report suspected violations of laws and company policies.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

OILSERV adheres to all local laws and international best practice when it comes to anti bribery and corruption legislation.

OILSERV employees and contractors are prohibited from making payments to, or engaging in transactions with, government officials to influence the performance of their official duties improperly. Maintaining internal controls and keeping accurate and complete transaction records are required.

Our supplier and or service provider contracts includes a requirement to comply with all laws and where appropriate, contains specific anti-bribery commitments.
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