Waste Management

Our Waste Management team consists of experienced industry specialists who develop and execute cost effective Drilling and Completion Waste Management programs to meet our client’s requirements. The programs are unique to the associated project based on a variety of specific variables including the drilling fluid program, environmental regulatory requirements, operator risk tolerance, climate, geography and the proximity to receptors such as residences, ground water, surface water, flora and fauna. Our solutions vary from basic waste reduction approaches to full scale pit-less solutions.

The team has built up an extensive level of experience on varied projects over the years and employ a wide range of specialised equipment including Dewatering units, Industrial Evaporation units, Oil Drum Skimmers, Hazardous Solid Waste Stabilization units, Industrial Vac and Wash units, Dual Pod Filtration units, Filter Press units and GCL Liner Installations.

The Waste Management Services team also specialise in sampling, analysis and characterization of drilling waste samples. This ensures all activities are documented for a permanent record to ensure our clients’ Long Term Waste Liabilities are protected into the future.

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