Directional Drilling

Our Directional Drilling services provide Drilling Engineering designed and supported Real-time answers to assist our clients in improving their drilling efficiency while reducing their risk. Our solutions include Rotary Steerable ‘Push and Point the Bit’ technology, and our Measurement and Logging While Drilling solutions include Triple Combo options. Coupled with our Real-Time Data online streaming services and Surface Mud Logging solutions, we provide our clients with the information they need to safely deliver their well construction objectives.

Our engineered solutions are aligned and developed through close and passionate collaboration with our customers to understand their specific needs and objectives from a drilling and well construction process perspective. Our expert team has deep technical competency that has been gained through many years of experience in our home markets, and by consistently meeting client expectations we have achieved their trust in delivering solutions that are ideally suited  for specific drilling conditions.

It is this trusted advisor position that is the differentiation of OILSERV when working with its clients on their well construction drilling challenges.

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